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Bactafree Chlorine Tablet

Bactafree is chlorine based water treatment tablets which are rapidly effective water sterilizers against a wide range of bacteria, germs, viruses, fungi, and water pathogens. This water chlorine tablets kill harmful waterborne disease pathogens from the water and make water useful drinking and other purposes of using.

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    About Bactafree

    Bactafree Chlorine tablets are a product of Precise Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. a certified company manufacturing health product from the last 25 Years. Providing best water purification tablets at a reasonable price is our Goal. Most of the life-threatening diseases are spread with polluted or contaminated water that can be prevented by purifying water. We want to provide a water purification method to peoples with the best price that they can live a healthy life.

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      What is sodium dichloroisocyanurate (NaDCC)?

      Sodium dichloroisocyanurate is an organic chemical compound of (sodium troclosene, troclosenum natricum, or NaDCC or SDIC), which is widely known as a cleansing agent or disinfectant.

      Sodium dichloroisocyanurate is widely used in modern water purification tablets, water disinfection tablets, water sterilization tablets, water treatment tablets, etc... Sodium dichloroisocyanurate is more efficient than the formerly used halazone water disinfectant.

      It is used to treat water in bulk in sterilizing drinking water, swimming pools, emergencies, disaster relief. Bactafree chlorine based effervescent tablets for water purification are available with contrasting NaDCC contents (e.g., 3.5 mg to 5 gm) to purify different volumes of water at a time.

      Guideline value recommended by the World Health Organization for emergencies and disasters is 5ppm and in normal course is 2ppm. For effective disinfection there should be a residual concentration of free available chlorine of 0.5ppm after at least 30 minutes contact. After then the water is disinfected and ready to be used.

      By drinking contaminated water, millions of people are hugely affected by waterborne diseases. Drinking infected water is not just bad for health, but also it is deadly.

      In today's time, water treatment tablets are commonly used to treat contaminated water. Bactafree water purification pills kill different microorganisms in the water and make water diseases free and healthier to drink.

      Why did water purification tablets use to purify drinking water in different applications?

      If you're looking for a portable solution to keep your drinking water safe and potable, then water purification tablets are the easiest & best way to purify water for drinking purposes.

      If you're looking for a portable solution to keep your drinking water safe and potable, then water purification tablets are the easiest & best way to purify water for drinking purposes. Government provide chlorine base clean water, but due to deteriorating, there will be a chance of reinfection, so it is better to use Bactafree chlorine tablets to stay away from waterborne diseases at home.


      Chlorine tablets for drinking water are used for water treatment from untreated water sources. These water treatment tablets are very small sized, so when anyone goes outside, it will fit in your front pocket comfortably and purify untreated water for drinking. Read More.

      Water purification tablets or chlorine tablets are widely used in military base camp and prevent soldiers from drinking untreated water. Also it will use as disinfectant tablets for fruits & vegetables. Read More

      Emergencies or disaster relief:

      Water purifying tablets can likely save a life in an emergency by purifying infected water or untreated water for drinking. Read More.

      Swimming Pool:

      Cleanliness and disinfection is an essential aspect of good pool water chemistry for outdoor pools, hotel pools, resorts pools, home pools, etc. Bactafree chlorine tablets are very efficient to make pool water clean and disinfect for everyone. Read More

      Our chlorine tablets widely used for chlorination of pool water. So the swimming pool water doesn't harm your body when you swim in the pool.

      Having balanced levels of sodium dichloroisocyanurate (NaDCC) - an organic chlorine donor with superior disinfection makes your swimming pool water safer and cleaner for you.

      Why Chlorine Tablets?

      Before everyone regularly treats drinking water with chlorine tablets, every year, thousands of people died from waterborne diseases like typhoid fever, cholera, hepatitis, etc.

      Water disinfection tablets helped to improve the lives of billions of people around the world. Chlorine tablets help us to keep drinking water and swimming pools safe and clean.

      Water sterilization tablets kill every harmful bacteria, germs, viruses and other waterborne pathogens from the water and make water healthier to drink.

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      Use Of Water Purification Tablets:

      Effervescent Chlorine tablets are very effective, safe, easy to use, and affordable for everyone to treat water for different purposes. Now the chlorine tablets are a very popular choice for everyone to purify and clean drinking water. The use of water purification tablets is very simple just put it into the water and wait for several minutes to do their job and water is pure, clean, and healthy.

      Our chlorine tablets are preferred and effective against a wide spectrum of bacteria present in all water conditions.

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