Industrial & Large Areas

For efficient production to non-stop work routine, industrial places need to be healthy. Hygienic surroundings make sure the sound health of all the employees who are involved in it.

The industrial area is a quite large place which includes many activities of production, shipping, cleaning goods and many more. As the multiple hands come in contact , with higher the chances of spreading infectious disease. Godown is a place where goods are stored for a long time. Such places are the biggest shelter for the germs and deadly virus. That can cause severe disease and sickness for the people who are working there. It also reflects on the overall efficiency of the production unit.

To make such a large place virus-free and make it disinfected, we, Precise Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. manufactured highly efficient water purification tablets called Bactafree-1000. It is specially manufactured to give an impactful sanitization for the wide space. These tablets contain sodium dichloroisocyanurate (NaDCC) which easily dissolve into the water. This cleaning agent kills the surface germs and protects us from disease.

Where our tablet can use in industrial & large area?

  • Industrial Estate
  • Malls
  • Banks
  • Shops
  • Museums
  • Gym
  • Stadiums
  • Offices
  • Societies
  • Large Areas
  • Overhead Tank
  • Underground Tank

  • Quickly disinfect & sanitize large areas using Bactafree - 1000 tablets.

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