Bactafree-10 Water Purification Tablet FAQs

1. What is Bactafree-10 tablets?

Ans. Bactafree is a water purification tablet that can be used to purify drinking water by using chlorine as main contain to kill all the bacteria, germs and other microbes.

2. What is Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate (NaDCC)?

Ans. It is a chemical compound used as a cleaning agent and mostly used in water purification and disinfection.

3. How Bactafree-10 tablets purify water?

Ans. Bactfree-10 Tablet contains an active chemical compound NaDcc which dissolves in water and kills harmful bacteria present in them. One Bactafree-10 tablet in 10 liters of water is enough to purify the water.

4. Why to use Bactafree-10 for water purification?

Ans. It is the most effective and tested water purification tablet which provides the best results by removing all harmful micro-organisms and chemicals that cause deadly diseases like Cholera, Dysentery, Typhoid and many other waterborne diseases.

5. Does it kill all bacteria presence in water?

Ans. Yes, it kills 99.99% of bacteria present in water.

6. What are the waterborne diseases Bactafree-10 saves from?

Ans. Bactafree tablets are rapidly effective on contaminated water to remove viruses, gram-positive & gram-negative bacteria, fungi mold, yeast, salmonella typhi, shigella sonnei, escherichia coli, sibro sholerae, streptococcus faecalisetc, etc. and save you from diseases like cholera, typhoid, zondice, etc.

7. Water purified with Bactafree-10 is safe for pregnant woman?

Ans. Yes it is safe for pregnant woman when used as per the prescribed dosage.

8. Can children drink this treated water?

Ans. Yes, it is completely safe for children to drink the water that is treated by Bactafree-10 tablets.

9. Does Bactafree-10 need any doctor consulting?

Ans. No, you do not need a doctor’s prescription to use Bactafree-10 as it is already an OTC product.

10. Which standards do Bactafree-10 follows?

Ans. Bactafree-10 is manufactured under Food and Drug Control Administration (FDCA), Good Manufacturing Practice, Good Laboratory Practice & ISO 9001:2015

11. Can I Add this tablet directly in water pot or container?

Ans. Yes, 1 tablet for 10 Liters and 2 tablets for 20 Liters

12. How many tablets to use for a water pot?

Ans. 1 Bactafree-10 tablet is meant to be used with 10 liters of water. Check the water retaining capacity of your pot and use the tablets accordingly.

13. Are these tablets government certified?

Ans. Bactafree-10 is manufactured under Food and Drug Control Administration (FDCA), Good Manufacturing Practice and Good Laboratory Practice

14. Is there any side-effect of Bactafree-10?

Ans. If used as per direction of use / instruction then no side- effect.

15. How much time Bactafree-10 take to purify water?

Ans. Bactafree-10 takes 15-30 mins. of time to make water bacteria free.

16. After using tablet do I need to boil the water?

Ans. No there is no need to boil the water after purifying it with Bactafree-10.

17. Can I Use these tablets in Juice?

Ans. No, Bactafree-10 tablets are only meant to be used for water purification.

18. Can I use the purified water for cooking?

Ans. Yes, you can most certainly use the purified water for cooking.

19. What are the small particles in water after using the tablet?

Ans. These tablets require time to totally dissolve in water. While in the process, these small particles are the tablet parts that are in the motion of getting dissolved.

20. I have RO plant in my house. should I use Bactafree 10?

Ans. Bactafree-10 delivers better results in the sense that while RO removes the important minerals from the water along with impurities, Bactafree-10 tablets only remove bacteria and other microbes.

Strong Reasons To Buy

  • kill harmful microorganisms (protozoa, bacteria, and viruses)
  • Purify water from untreated sources
  • Useful in emergency disaster relief operations
  • Easy to use

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