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Precise Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. has vast experience in disinfection tablets for Hospitals & Biowaste.

These tablets are the most chosen tablets in the market for disinfectant sanitization and best part it is approved by the government.

Precure – H tablets are very fast effective against many bacteria, virus, fungi, INcl.HBV, Herpes, tuberculin, bacterial spores & all the water pathogens. Result against all the water parasites are very rapidly effective, safer and more accurate.

  • Stable for 2 or more years
  • Convenient and easy to use
  • Much safer than liquid bleach
  • Easy to store & no spillages, no leaks

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Why Our Tablets?

  • Fast & effective against bacteria & germs
  • Approved by Govt.
  • Multipurpose use tablet
  • Reduce risk of getting infected


Precure – H,disinfectant sanitizing tablets are made from an effervescent formulation containing sodium dichloroisocyanurate (NaDCC) and dry chlorine donor.

How it can benefits:

  • Avoid major infections and diseases
  • Disinfect surface, home, office, hospitals, etc.
  • Avoid prolonged contact with stainless steel items

Instructions For Dilution Of Precure - H Tablets 0.5gm. Strength

Disinfection of Required Cons.
Available Chlorine
Dilution Rate Instructions
Blood spillage 10000 (P.P.M) 18 Tablets in 500 ml of water Pour over blood, using gloves, wipe up with disinfectant-saturated disposable cloth
Work surfaces, cupboards, floors, etc. 140 (P.P.M) 1 tablet in 2 Ltr. of water Wash down
Infected linen 140 (P.P.M) 1 tablet in 2 Ltr. of water Immerse for 1 hour prior to washing
Utensils porcelian, glassware, rubber and plastic tubing 140 (P.P.M) 1 tablet in 2 Ltr. of water Immerse for 1 hour
General use 1000 (P.P.M) 1 tablet in 280 ml of water In compliance with Howie Code
Air Mattress cleaning, Top cover of Airbed, Airbed pump, Flow Tron DVT pumps, General use. 1000 (P.P.M) 1 tablet in 280 ml of water In compliance with Howie Code
Pipette jars 2500 (P.P.M) 9 tablets in 1 Ltr. of water Drop tablets into water-filled pipette jar Discard daily
Dishcloths, mops, ect. 60 (P.P.M) 1 tablet in 4.6 Ltr. of water Soak to bleach clean and deodorise

Precure - H, Hospital Disinfectant tablet, is manufactured to decontaminate medical sections & equipment. It dissolves into the water to provide effective cleaning, deodorizing and disinfection in areas where controlling cross-contamination hazards are of the highest concern. These tablets contain sodium dichloroisocyanurate (NaDCC) which easily dissolves into the water. This compound is used as a cleaning agent who breaks the chemical bonds of the molecule's pathogens. As a disinfectant, it is used to sanitize surgical equipment, operation theatre, patient rooms, floor cleaning, ambulance, blood spot, linen fabric and any kind of infection. It is an alternative solution of liquid bleach/sodium hypochlorite with certain benefits over it. The use of Precure - H is cost-efficient.

These infected germs also come from one person to another with easy contacts like touch, air, sneezing, and food. The Outbreak of Coronavirus is the perfect example of it. As WHO recommended, infection of Coronavirus can be reduced by chlorine-based effervescent cleaning in hospitals, homes and streets. Contaminated water is sheltered to hazardous mosquitoes and invisible germs near the medical sections which are difficult to detect. The scarcity of clean surface has been a tough challenge in the medical profession for a long time whether for equipment or floor. This scarcity causes a rise in infected germs and diseases. The contaminated surface is the main contribution to cases of diseases, infection, typhoid and other transmitted diseases.

Precure - H tablets easily dissolve into the water. It liquefies in your water to provide effective cleaning where infected germs are of the highest concern. A small tablet is sufficient for broader cleaning. Precure-H tablets kill the invisible germs which are present on the medical surfaces home, streets, dustbin. Precure-H kills the germs which cause waterborne diseases.

The solution of Precure - H is easy to make & convenient to use. One tablet easily dissolves into the two liters of water. It's like a homemade solution that is filled with jet spray. By using the jet spray, it helps to clean the frequent contactable parts of the hospitals like surgical equipment, operation theatre, patient rooms, floor cleaning, ambulance. Spots of blood and used medical equipment contain dangerous germs that are difficult to vanish. Mopping through Precure-H not only cleans the surface but also gives a hygienic surrounding.

Our tablets are most appreciated in Hospitals and Bio-waste. Its kills the germs and precure your from infection spread via patient diseases.

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Precure – H Best Disinfectant and Sanitizer For Hospitals

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