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Precise Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. has vast experience in disinfection tablets for Hospitals & Biowaste.

These disinfection tablets are known as Precure – H. ( chlorine bleach tablet ) Our Precure – H tablets are only tablets in the market, which is approved by the government for the health care service after all the rejection of water purification bleach or sodium hypochlorite. Precure – H tablets are based on dry chlorine donor & sodium dichloroisocyanurate.

Precure – H tablets are very fast effective against many bacteria, virus, fungi, INcl.HBV, HIV, Herpes, tuberculin, bacterial spores & all the water pathogens. Result against all the water parasites are very rapidly effective, safer and more accurate. Our Precure – H tablets well established for hospital application.

Our tablets are used mostly used in OT, ICU’s, patient room, nursing station, blood spillage, infected linen, pipette jars, laboratories, OPD, blood bank, ambulance dispensaries, dental, veterinary, etc.

  • Stable for 2 or more years.
  • Convenient and easy to use
  • Much safer than liquid bleach
  • Easy to store & no spillages, no leaks

Why Our Tablets?

  • Reduce risk of accident and personal injury
  • Safer for operatives
  • No chance of infections from patients
  • Alternative of bleach or sodium hypochlorite


Precure – H Water Purification Tablets / chlorine bleach tablets are made from an effervescent formulation containing sodium dichloroisocyanurate (NaDCC) and dry chlorine donor.

How it can benefits:

  • Avoid major infections and diseases
  • Disinfect ambulance, dispensaries medical, veterinary, blood banks, etc
  • Work excellently in hospitals and bio-waste
  • Descrease the chances of infections
  • Avoid prolonged contact with stainless steel items
  • Bactafree-1000 is also used in various hospital water tanks and for many other applications

Instructions For Dilution Of Precure - H Tablets 0.5gm. Strength

Disinfection of Required Cons.
Available Chlorine
Dilution Rate Instructions
Blood spillage 10000 (P.P.M) 18 Tablets in 500 ml of water Pour over blood, using gloves, wipe up with disinfectant-saturated disposable cloth
Work surfaces, cupboards, floors, etc. 140 (P.P.M) 1 tablet in 2 Ltr. of water Wash down
Infected linen 140 (P.P.M) 1 tablet in 2 Ltr. of water Immerse for 1 hour prior to washing
Utensils porcelian, glassware, rubber and plastic tubing 140 (P.P.M) 1 tablet in 2 Ltr. of water Immerse for 1 hour
General use 1000 (P.P.M) 1 tablet in 280 ml of water In compliance with Howie Code
Pipette jars 2500 (P.P.M) 9 tablets in 1 Ltr. of water Drop tablets into water-filled pipette jar Discard daily
Dishcloths, mops, ect. 60 (P.P.M) 1 tablet in 4.6 Ltr. of water Soak to bleach clean and deodorise

Our tablets are most appreciated in Hospitals and Bio-waste. Its kills the germs and precure your from infection spread via patient diseases.

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Precure – H Best Disinfectant and Sanitizer For Hospitals

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