Precure-H Hospital Disinfectant FAQs

Best Disinfectant & Sanitizing Tablets For Hospital & Healthcare Facilities

1. What are the ingredients of Precure- H?

Ans. The main ingredient of Precure-H tablet is NaDCC (Sodium DichloroIsocyanurate) which is approved by the government for the health care services.

2. How is Precure H tablet effective in hospital?

Ans. Precure-H tablet has NaDCC (Sodium Dichloro Isocyanurate) as an active ingredient which is blended with effervescent components. Precure-H tablet is fast dissolving, highly convenient and more accurate alternative to liquid bleach or sodium hypochlorite for Hospital disinfectant.

3. Is it a certified product?

Ans. Yes, it is FDCA and GMP certified product.

4. How to use Precure- H?

Ans. To use Precure- H just add tablet in water and wait till it dissolves in water. The amount of the tablet depends on the purpose of use. Like for Blood spillage 18 Tablets in 500 ml of water, for disinfecting an infected linen 1 tablet in 2 liters of water. You can find all the Instructions for Dilution of Precure - H by clicking here

5. Why use Precure- H for hospital disinfecting?

Ans. Precure – H tablets are very act fast against many bacteria, virus, fungi, including HBV, Herpes, Tuberculin, bacterial spores & all the water pathogens. And since it is approved by the government and WHO for the health care services, Precure- H is a better alternative to liquid bleach or sodium hypochlorite.

6. What are the applications of Precure- H?

Ans. Precure- H is a multipurpose hospital disinfectant tablet which is used for disinfecting and cleaning:

  • Blood spillage
  • Work surfaces, cupboards, floors
  • Infected linen
  • Utensils porcelain, glassware, rubber and plastic tubing
  • General use
  • Air Mattress cleaning, Top cover of Airbed, Airbed pump, Flow Tron DVT pumps
  • Pipette jars
  • Dishcloths, mops

7. How will the use of Precure-H in mopping help reduce the occurrence of viral and/or bacterial infections?

Ans. Precure-H tablet has NaDCC (Sodium DichloroIsocyanurate) as an active ingredient which will kills all the harmful bacteria and virus present on surface. You have to put one tablet in 2 liters of water for mopping.

8. How to use Precure- H in operation theater?

Ans. By creating a solution of 10000 (P.P.M) using 18 Tablets in 500 ml of water it can be used to sanitize surgical equipment, medical devices, surface, and all the possible areas which can cause any type of infection.

9. How to disinfect medical equipment using Precure- H?

Ans. Create a solution of 140 (P.P.M) using 1 tablet in 2 liters of water and soak the medical equipment for a while. Thereafter, wash the equipment with clean water and dry them up with a clean cloth.

10. Is it harmful to use Precure-H at home?

Ans. No, it is not harmful to use Precure-H at home since it strictly follows all the guidelines that proves its safety.

11. What if the solution gets in contact of skin?

Ans. Wash the area with water and clean with cloth. The dosage suggested for normal use keeps the water pH maintained which will not cause any harm to your skin. Think of it as being in a swimming pool filled with chlorine water.

12. Does it react with chemicals/medicines?

Ans. Tablets may be used with anionic and nonionic but not with cationic detergents/chemical.

13. Can it be used to disinfect cloths?

Ans. Yes. You just have to prepare 140 ppm solution (1 tablet in 2 liters of water) for disinfecting linen.

14. Is it safe to use Precure-H for food items?

Ans. Yes, you can certainly use Precure-H for sanitizing raw fruits and vegetables. For that you have to prepare 50 ppm solution (1 tablet in 5 liters of water)

15. How is NaDCC tablet a better alternative to sodium hypochlorite?


  • NaDCC tablets are accurate in the sense that they always produce stated level of available chlorine
  • NaDCC tablets are convenient and easy to use, just add a tablet into water and allow it to dissolve.
  • It is much safer than liquid bleach as it dissolves in solution to near neutral pH (6 to 7 PH) while sodium hypochlorite creates a pH level of more than 10 to 12 PH.
  • NaDCC tablets are less corrosive than liquid bleach or sodium hypochlorite.

16. Can we use these tablets in Ambulance?

Ans. Yes, it is highly recommended to use Precure-H tablets in Ambulance for blood spillage. For that you have to prepare 10,000 ppm solution (18 tab in 500 ml) and wash the infected area with prepared solution.

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  • Convenient and easy to use
  • Much safer than liquid bleach
  • Easy to store & no spillages, no leaks
  • Descrease the chances of infections

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