Overhead & Underground Tank

Are you sure the water coming to your home through the overhead/ underground tank is clean enough? By just seeing it you can't give the answer but the truth is heavy collected water in the tank has the higher chances of the water worms and bacterias. They thrive in the water if it is not handled carefully. Through water, these germs enter the body and cause severe diseases including diarrhea, typhoid, and waterborne disease.

To make the water germs free and disinfected, use Bactafree - 1000. Our tables are chlorine-based effervescent tablets consisting of sodium dichloroisocyanurate (NaDCC). These tablets release the chlorine into the water and kill the infectious germs, bacteria and more. These tablets are an effective solution to clean a high quantity of water and give your family a healthy drink.

Where our tablet can use?

  • Overhead Tank
  • Underground Tank
  • Large Water Storage
  • Bungalow Water Storage
  • Flat Overhead Tank

  • Bactafree - 1000 is the most approproate tablets to kill bacteria and breakdown organic contaminants presence in the overhead & underground tank.

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