Bactafree-S Vegetable Disinfectant Tablet FAQs

Best Disinfectant Tablets For Fruits, Vegetables & Packed Food

1. What are Bactafree- S tablets?

Ans. Bactafree-S are tablets, formulated with sodium dichloroisocyanurate which is best for disinfecting vegetables, fruits and packaged food.

2. How does Bactafree-S disinfect vegetables and fruits?

Ans. The NaDCC present in Bactafree-S tablets dissolves in water, liberating hypochlorite ions, which are normally used in public health for drinking water purification. So washing fruits & vegetables with chlorine solution has been shown to reduce the number of microorganisms present on their surfaces.

3. Does it decrease the vegetable / fruits storage life?

Ans. No, Bactafree – S has no effect whatsoever on the storage life of vegetables & fruits. Its purpose is to remove the germs & chemicals present on the surface of raw fruits and vegetables.

4. How can I disinfect leafy vegetables?

Ans. Add 1 tablet in 15 liters of water and submerge the leafy vegetables for 5 to 10 minutes. Clean the vegetable with water or rinse with cloth, brush.

5. Can it be used to disinfect packaged food?

Ans. Yes, you can use the Bactafree-S tablet solution to disinfect packaged food.

6. How long does it take to disinfect vegetable and fruits?

Ans. It takes 5 to 10 minutes to disinfect vegetable and fruits.

7. Can I use it to disinfect salad?

Ans. It is advisable to first disinfect the vegetables with Bactafree-S solution and then cut them to use as salad.

8. Which water to use? Tap water or drinking water?

Ans. Bactafree-S works with both tap water and drinking water.

9. What kind of water to use? Hot or cold?

Ans. You can use Bactafree-S tablets with normal tap water. Slightly warm water is ideal for this process.

10. How to disinfect some vegetables which are floating on water?

Ans. You can take help of any medium that can submerge these vegetables.
Ex. Using a flat surface with weight on top of the vegetable will work.

11. After disinfecting fruits & vegetables can the same leftover water be used for plants?

Ans. No, don’t use Bactafree S tablet solution in plants or soil. The leftover solution can be used for cleaning floors of balcony, WC in toilet or drainage cleaning.

12. Does it also disinfect kitchen equipment?

Ans. Yes, Bactafree-S tablets can also be used for disinfecting kitchen equipment. Add 1 tablet in 5 liters of water and after the tablet dissolves, you can use the water for mopping, surface, and kitchen equipment disinfecting.

13. Can I use this solution in cooking?

Ans. No, this solution is only meant to disinfect the vegetables by killing harmful bacteria, virus & removes chemicals and dust.

14. Can I wash Cutlery and Crockery with this solution?

Ans. Yes, just add 1 Tablet in 15 liters of water and use it as normal water.

15. Can I reuse this solution more than once for fruit and vegetable wash?

Ans. It is advisable to prepare fresh solution.

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