Hospital Disinfectant

As we all know, the infection-free hospital environment is a major public health concern across the nation.

It’s not wrong if we say that hospital is where we find most bacteria, viruses, and germs. Even it might be the reason for different diseases. To clean such bacteria, viruses, and germs, hospitals require a very effective solution.

Precise Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. has developed effervescent disinfectant tablets called as Precure – H to kill bacteria, viruses, and gums from floor, OT, ICU’s, patient room, nursing station, blood spillage, infected linen, pipette jars, laboratories, OPD, blood bank, work surface and ambulance.

Our Bactfree & Precure – H tablets also used for medical and emergency situation worldwide, to prevent doctors and nurses from diseases of patient and other general uses in hospitals. The spread of such infections, however, can be controlled using Precure - H tablets by Precise Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. Precure - H is among the most recognized hospital disinfectant products.

Where our tablet can use in hospital & emergency:

  • Water tank
  • Kitchen of hospitals
  • Cleaning surgical equipments
  • Medical centers
  • Ground tanks
  • Floor,
  • OT & ICU’s,
  • Patient room,
  • Nursing station,
  • Blood spillage,
  • Infected linen,
  • Pipette jars,
  • Laboratories, OPD,
  • Blood bank,
  • Worksurface and ambulance

  • You can't avoid Precure-H tablets specially in hospitals and emergency, your small mistake can harm your health a lot.

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