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Bactafree – S

Precise Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. is the most trusted manufacturer of food grade disinfectant & sanitizing tablets for Vegetables / Fruits Washing / Food Processing / Dairy / Mopping. These sanitizing tablets known as Bactafree-S.

Our Bactafree-S tablets are only tablets in the market which is approved by the government for the Vegetables / Fruits / Salad Washing / Food Processing / Dairy. Bactafree-S tablets are based on Sodium dichloroisocyanurate.

Bactafree - S tablets are very fast effective against a wide range of bacteria, viruses, fungi, & all the water pathogens. Result against all the water parasites are very rapidly effective, safer and more accurate. Our Bactafree - S tablets are well developed as vegetables and fruits sanitizer / Salad Washing / Food Processing / Dairy, etc...


We have vast experience in manufacturing sanitizing and disinfectant tablets. Our Bactafree-S tablets are very useful to Disinfectant from bacteria, germs, yeast & many more. Our tablets also provide long life so anyone can store it for emergency time. Our tablets are very easy to use before using tablets; please follow the given instruction behind the tablets packet

Proven Certificate

Remove 99.99% Bacteria, Pesticides & Dust

As per the study observations and results, it is proven that our Bactafree - S tablets removed Bacteria, Pesticides and Germs from vegetables and fruits after 5 min and 10 min of exposure of materials with Bactafree - S.

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Why Our Tablets?

  • Release chlorine only when dissolved in water
  • No leaks or spillage
  • Easy handling & compact storage
  • Remove chemical and germs from fruits and vegetables


Bactafree - S sanitization and disinfectant tablets are made from an effervescent formulation containing sodium dichloroisocyanurate (NaDCC).

How it can benefits:

  • Kills germs from vegetables, fruits and salad
  • Yields known level of available chlorine
  • Preferred for food preparation surface and equipments
Instructions For Dilution Of Bactafree - S Tablets 1.5gm. Strength
Vegetables, Fruits,
Packed Food Bag
and Milk Bag
1 Tablet In 15 Litres 50 ppm # Wash Vegetables with Water
# Prepare a solution as per require Dosage with warm water and wait up to tablet completely dissolved.
# Immerse the Vegetables in the solution for at least 5 to 10 minutes.
# Wash with Clean Water
Food Preparation
Areas/ Surface,
Wall, Tiles, and
Cutlery, Crockery
and Glassware Wash
Mopping, Linen
Wash / Disinfectant
1 Tablet In 5 Litres 150 ppm # Prepare a solution as per required Dosage with warm water.
# Rinse the Prepare Solution to the surface & Required Area, Leave for 5 to 10 minutes.
# Wash the Surface with Clean water, cloth, brush or mop.

Bactafree - S is the chlorine-based effervescent tablet to Disinfect water. These tablets contain sodium dichloroisocyanurate (NaDCC) which easily dissolve into the water. NaDCC is a chemical compound which is used as a cleaning agent. These tablets slowly release the chlorine into the water in very low concentration and kill the infectious germs which are presented at the surfaces of vegetables, fruits, salad, home, street and medical sections. As a disinfectant, it is used to disinfectant swimming pools, outdoor facilities, indoors and tableware. It is an alternative solution of chlorine with certain benefits over it. The use of Bactafree-S is the best cost-efficient way for the treatment of water.

Scarcity of clean water has been a tough challenge in the world for a long time whether for drinking or surface cleaning. This scarcity causes a rise in infected germs and waterborne disease. Contaminated water and inadequate supplies of water for personal hygiene is the main contribution of billion cases of diarrhoea each year, especially in children. Contaminated water is shelter to hazardous mosquitoes and invisible germs which are difficult to detect. These infected germs also come from one person to another with easy contact. The Outbreak of Coronavirus is the perfect example of it. As WHO recommended, infection of Coronavirus can be reduced by chlorine-based effervescent Disinfecting.

Bactafree - S tablets easily dissolve into the water. It liquefies in your water to provide effective cleaning, deodorizing and disinfection in areas where controlling cross-contamination hazards are of the highest concern. A small tablet is sufficient for broader cleaning. Bactafree - S tablets kill the invisible germs which are present on the surfaces of fruits, vegetables, salad, and medical equipment. Bactafree - S kills the germs which cause waterborne diseases.

The use of Bactafree - S is very convenient & quick. One tablet easily dissolves into the five litres of water. It's like a homemade solution which is filled with jet spray. With jet spray, it helps to clean the frequent contactable parts of the houses like a door handle, doorbell, switchboard etc. It is broadly used for street and hospital surfaces. Spots of blood and used medical equipment contain dangerous germs which are difficult to vanish. Mopping through of Bactafree - S not only clean the surface but also give clean surrounding.

Our tablets are preferred and effective against a wide spectrum of microorganisms in all water conditions, helping to increase Hygiene Security.

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Eat Healthy Stay Healthy With Bactafree - S, Remove Chemicals from Vegetable & Fruit

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