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Precise Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. is an Indian company devoted to the water purification and healthcare market. We have over 25 years of industry experience in manufacturing the various drug for water cleaning.

Our team always works towards excellence both in our products and our service. We are loyal to our company philosophy, becoming a flexible, agile and dynamic company, focused on the needs of a fast-changing pharmaceutical world. Our main goal is to make safe, high-quality medicines for our customers spread across the world.

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We are healthcare professionals

With a constant focus on innovation and science, we work to deliver new generation chlorine base effervescent disinfection tablet called Bactafree that can help millions around the world to clean water.

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Learn more about our Bactafree, Bactafree - S, Precure - H and Precure - Vet - 5 tablets.


Most essential chlorine tablets to purify drinking water and keep you away from waterborne diseases.

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Bactafree - S

Effectively used for sanitizing fruits, vegetables, packed food, mopping and surface disinfectant.

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Precure - H

Highly effective for disinfectant and sanitizing hospitals and healthcare facilities.

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Precure - Vet - 5

Keep away all major diseases which are spread through water in poultry farm, cattle feed and oceanarium.

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Use Bactafree chlorine tablets to clean water and lead towards healthier and more successful lives

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