Bactafree-1000 Water Purification Tablet FAQs

New Generation Effervescent Water Purification Tablets

1. What are Bactafree-1000 tablets?

Ans. Bactafree-1000 are NaDCC chlorine tablets, best for large quantity water purification like underground and overhead tank. It can be also be used for disinfecting large areas.

2. How much quantity of water can be purified with 1 tablet?

Ans. One Tablet of Bactafree - 1000 is enough to purify 1000 liters of water.

3. Is the water safe for drinking?

Ans. Yes, the water is safe for drinking with proper dosage.

4. Does it have any side effect?

Ans. Bactafree-1000 tablets do not have a side effect if used as per the direction of use/instructions given.

5. How to use Bactafree - 1000 for disinfection?

Ans. Just by adding the tablets as per dosages of water you can create a disinfection solution which is ready to use.

6. What are the benefits of using Bactafree-1000?

Ans. Bactafree-1000 purifies large amount of water easily without requiring any specific tools. Not only for water purification, but Bactafree - 1000 can also be used as surface wash and as a disinfectant by changing the dosage.

7. How much time does it take to purify the water?

Ans. It takes approx. 30 minutes to purify the water.

8. Does it is safe for pregnant woman?

Ans. Yes it is safe for pregnant woman when used as per the prescribed dosage.

9. Does it react with water tank?

Ans. When used as per the prescribed dosage, there is no reaction with water tank.

10. How to store the tablets?

Ans. Store these tablets in the provided container in cool and dry place. If in any case use an air tight container to store these tablets.

11. How many tablets to use in 5000 liters of water?

Ans. Five tablets for 5000 liters.

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